World Is A Fuck

from by Oedipus Rex & The Mother Fuckers



World Is A Fuck off Oedipus Rex & the Mother Fuckers debut EP 666 BUS


I try, oh lord I try, I try to realize
Why thou hast forsaken me
With all the shit you put me through
I know, I know it hard to find, to find some peace of mind
But the fear has made me blind
And now I'm giving up on all mankind
Well, maybe it would be okay if I'm not so sober
Maybe we'll destroy the earth and it'll all be over

But they'll live, oh yeah the rich will live
And the poor souls will give
At least we had a ball
The lights are on it's now last call
So leave, I said-a leave me behind
Who knows what I'll find
Maybe that peace of mind
I can see it now, the finish line
At long last we met our end and nothingness, I embrace
We lived the dream and it's safe to say, it wasn't worth half of the chase

The world is a fuck
And I'm just a schmuck
All out of luck
So here I'm stuck


from 666BUS, released May 12, 2017
Johnny The Wicked (Johnny Schuenemane) - Writing, Guitar, Vocals
Mauro San Diablo (????) - Writing, Drums
King Kish (Jake Kish) - Writing, Bass, Vocals
DJ Yung Ben (Ben Thomas) - Writing



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Oedipus Rex & The Mother Fuckers Chicago, Illinois

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